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“Bi-tomo” company is one of the leading tour operators in Sakhalin Region; we have been working since 1997. We offer sightseeing, ecological, business and professional tours as well as Sakhalin railroad charter tours.

We offer our tour services to such cruise companies as “Princess Cruises”, “Crystal Cruises”, cruise ships “ASUKA-2”, “Nippon Maru” and “Pacific Venus”. We are the official authorized agent for ferry service “Wakkanai – Korsakov – Wakkanai”, organized between Sakhalin Island and Hokkaido Island (Japan).


years in business

We gained a vast experience in communication with most demanding Japanese travelers and became the leader of tourism on Sakhalin.



We always keep spreading the geography of out tours.


positive feedbacks from grateful clients

Among those who wish to thank us are not only Russian citizens but also residents of other countries.



who received our service in Sakhalin Region in 2018.

We offer a wide range of services from transport services and accommodation to organization of serious themed events. In our work we pay a close attention to the safety and comfort level of organized tours.

The motto of our company is not just offer the up and ready tour product, but also carefully work with every tour program, according to particular requests from tourists and their profile, and make everything possible to bring their ideas into life in exclusive programs that are created especially for them.

Our mission is to open the world that is amazing in its diversity to tourists, to boost the level of tourism’s culture and push the idea of love and mutual understanding among different people, countries and continents.

Li Gen Hi, General director of 'Bi-tomo' LLC
“Tourism is something that would always be present and bring people joy and happiness. Our company is qualified enough, has gained professional skills, has its own personal lifehacks and uses its knowledge to satisfy tourists’ requests on maximum. And judging from the fact that 8 out of 10 customers, who sought our assistance, become our regular clients, we are good at giving people what they expect from us. But we do not stop at that and keep perfecting ourselves for you”.

Li Gen Hi, General director of “Bi-tomo” LLC

Reliability of the company

20 years of stable tour operator work, we are in TOP-10 of the best companies in the All-Russian business rating in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Quality-price ratio

We are partners with trustworthy airline companies and hotels. We offer our clients the best tour options that allow them to save money but keep the quality of the trip high.

Service matching European standards

Accept and complete the application quickly, we select a tour in full accordance with the client's desire and support the entire period of the trip.

Wide geography

Sakhalin Region is not the only place where we work. Residents of the countries of Southeast Asia and the whole of Russia are becoming our customers.

Our team

“Bi-tomo” employees are a friendly group of people, who are in love with their job. Every person is involved with his line of work, 100% responsible for his part of a job and makes a worthy contribution to the common cause.


Our rule is for our managers-consultants to always be in touch. You can book a tour or contact us with any issue using the phone number or through the contact form on our site.