Baranskiy volcano

Baranskiy volcano is an active volcano at Iturup Island. Its bottom is covered with mud and mineral streams and other thermal pools.

The “Starozavoskoye” fumarole field is located at volcano’s foot. The geothermal station “Okeanskaya” is built nearby. The road, which begins from Kuril fish-breeding plant, leads here. Only about 1 km away from the station is one of the key sights - Kipyashyaya (“Boiling” in Russian) river – is located.

Kipyashyaya river lives up to its name. The water temperature at its headwaters is indeed so high, that the water almost boils and burns feet even if you are wearing gumboots. The river valley is hidden by white steam and its slopes are covered with fumaroles and mud streams with bubbling mud. We do not advice to walk down here without wearing gumboots. It is very easy to step into boiling water and hot clay.

The river comes from a small, but amazingly beautiful boiling Zhyoltoe Oko (“Yellow eye”) or  Izumrudnoye oko (“Emerald eye”) lake, which got its name because of sulfur covering its shores. Water at the lake has a deep emerald color, and since the temperature of the water is over 100 oC, it is always covered with steam. You must look for a place to swim at the lower reaches.

Nearby the volcano there is a place, made especially for tourists. The water in these baths is used to heal joints, peripheral nerve diseases and skin conditions.

But you must be very careful before visiting hot springs and consult with specialist before doing so. It is highly important for those people who have cardiovascular diseases.

When visiting Baranskiy volcano we recommend taking with you:

  • Comfortable clothes and boots for walking
  • Swimming gear
  • Googles
  • Slippers

Towel and (or) bed cloth