10 hours
Difficulty level:
What to take with you:
Camera, comfortable clothes and hiking boots for climbing, windproof suit, water supply for a day
excursion map

Enjoy the panoramic view of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from the height over 1000 meters above the earth and feel yourself a real hero.

The feeling you get once you find yourself at the very peak is simply amazing. At the places, free of snow, you can see a Canadian bunchberry, cowberry bushes and evergreen northern rhododendron.

The wind and the feeling of freedom would enchant you. After the first minutes of the simple delight comes the time to enjoy a spectacular view from a great height.

Chekhov peak: the past and present

The peak of Susunay ridge, located nearby Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, was named after the famous writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. He visited Sakhalin in 1890. Earlier, when Sakhalin was under Japanese governorship, this peak was called Susuya. It was a sacred place, with a small temple, devoted to Amaterasu – goddess of the Sun.

Today a lot of wonderful flowers and healing herbs grow at the root of the mountain, many birds and insects inhabit its forests, some of the are even included in Red Book.

The spectacular, especially in Autumn, view of dwarf birches, Kuril bamboo, bright ledium, bilberry, sorbus and Cedrus is an unforgettable experience.

Climbing the mountain has become a tradition since 1966, this way 20 people celebrated the birthday of Vladimir Iliich Lenin. Their initiative was supported and every year a group of tourists went to climb the peak in April, and the number of people, willing to do this, grew with every passing year.

1970 was most notable – over 2500 people climbed the mountain.

Since 1989 till 1997 the annual climbing stopped. Then the tradition was renewed and now was devoted to the Victory Day, more often people climb the peak on the eve of May, 9th.  


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