10 hours
Difficulty level:
Bus, motor boat
Snack (sandwiches, pirozhki, fruits, water) for additional fee
What to take with you:
Comfortable clothes and boots for hiking, windproof suit, camera
excursion map

Lighthouse at the far away Aniva Cape is the most inaccessible one at Sakhalin seaside. This stately structure, standing in its proud solitude, awakes the thoughts of the mysterious stories of Agatha Christie in tourists’ minds.

The lighthouse is located on a 9-meter high cliff with the unusual name Sivuch’ya.

The lighthouse tower looks so inaccessible and not fitting into the surrounding landscape, so you might think that this is a creation of nature itself. The sea here is mostly chopping, like the nature prevents everybody from reaching this place full of the mysteries of the past. The lighthouse is closed for visitors during storms. But our company will pick up the time, when you will definitely fully appreciate the beauty and design of the lighthouse and enter it, like a secret place.

Mysteries of the lighthouse are its past and present

1939 is the year when a gigantic 31-meter high concrete tower appeared at Aniva Cape. Japanese architect and engineer Miura Shinobu created a unique project of the construction that was built in extreme conditions. The tower was a working and living place for 12 people. Each of 9 floors had different rooms: diesel-engine room, radio room, living compartments, kitchen and watching room. The sidelong annex held victualling yard.

The optical system of the tower was winded up every 3 hours, like a clock, and worked with a help of 270-kg poise. The light of the tower spread through 17.5 miles and lighthouse kept working till 1990, before the decision to recall the operating personnel and reconstruct the tower into the atomic construction was taken. Now the lighthouse is abandoned and in need of reconstruction.

You will have an opportunity to feel the true atmosphere of this place, abandoned, but not subdued.

On a way to the lighthouse you will see:

  • Mramorniy Cape

Legends say that pieces of marble, taken from here, helps spouses to remain faithful and  lonely people to find their significant other.

  • Tri Kamnya (three stones) Cape

Waterfall, pebble beach and three amazing cliffs.

  • Seashore colonies of birds

There are colonies of birds here, they build nests and raise their hatchlings. Loud noise accompanies their life – this is    amusing to watch birds in these places. Do not miss an opportunity to see a long-standing lighthouse, tourists speak legends about.

The price includes:

  • Transport
  • Guide


Please, clarify the price with company’s representative before booking.