8 hours
Difficulty level:
All-terrain bus
What to take with you:
Camera, comfortable clothes and hiking boots for climbing, windproof suit
excursion map

A bit of Novikovo and Evstafiya cape history

In the beginning of XX century there were no permanent settlements in the West of Tonino – Aniva peninsula. People came here, to the territory of the modern Novikovo, just during fishing seasons. In 13 years the building of Yaman settlement has begun. The concrete port was constructed near the settlement as well as the road to the nearby settlement – Sato.

Yaman settlement kept developing. People were engaged in fishing industry, coal mining and agricultural industry. When South Sakhalin became a part of Soviet Union again, Yaman was renamed into Novikovo. In 1960s the germanium was found in coal composition and since then the settlement became known all over Soviet Union.

After the coal mining was stopped, the mines were flooded and became beautiful lakes with a turquoise-colored water. There are 6 big and 14 small lakes here.

When people speak about Evstafiya cape, they speak about the origin of its name. This story is closely connected with the events of Battle of Chesma. The Russian battle ship “Evstafiy” fought in this battle and conquered the main Turkish ship. During the close fight, the pillar of the Turkish ship fell on Russian battle ship, causing the fire to start, and both ships were destroyed. In the memory of “Evstafiy” sailors, who died in battle, Krusenstern named the Cape after the ship.

The peculiarities of the tour:

  • The most comfortable season for visit to Blue lakes and Evstafiya Cape is from second part of May and till October. You should take comfortable shoes and sports clothes with you.
  • On the way the tourists pass by one of the biggest LNG plants in the world, where the liquid gas is being produced and oil exported.
  • The travelers can see the place of disembarkation of the first Japanese forces in Russo-Japanese war in 1905.
  • On the way you will see Busse lake, that is famous with its unusual ebb-and-floats and a big variety of oysters, mussels, shrimps and fishes. The swimming birds are a true beauty of the lake.

The price includes:

  • Transport
  • Guide


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