8 hours
Difficulty level:
Snack (sandwiches, pirozhki, fruits, water) for additional fee
What to take with you:
Comfortable clothes and boots for hiking, windproof suit, camera
excursion map

The history of many tourist attractions is closely related to the Japanese period of this amazing Region. These two bridges are no exception; they never fail to lose the tourists’ interest in them. People come from all over the world to feel the “vibes” of these places and discover the historical mysteries of Sakhalin.

The interest of tourists only grows when they find out that local settlers named Devil’d bridge one of 7 Great Wonders.

The bridge got its name due to the dangerous allotment, located beneath it. Even if it is a little bit creepy to look at it, it is still worth it. You would be literally thrown to the past century, feel strange and unexpected emotions and moreover enjoy the beauty of local mountains.

Devil’s bridge history

Devil’s bridge is a unique engineering project of complicated construction. It was built during Karafuto period by colonized Koreans. They were made working in fishing, forest and paper making industries.

The bridge was used for the train route between Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kholmsk. The train made a spiral through the 900-meter long tunnel and then went across the bridge, that was located 38 meters high above the ground.

In the end of 1945 South Sakhalin was liberated from Japan. Near Nikolaychuck train station there were intense clashes. During Perestroika years the train movement was stopped and this unique train route was abandoned.

Peculiarities of excursion

  • Tourists will spend a significant time walking along railway sleepers, thus the appropriate boots are needed
  • On the way to Kholmsk travelers will hear a lot of interesting stories about Russian-Japanese relations, linked with the fight for Sakhalin
  • Sakhalin vipers are sometimes met during the way – this is another uniqueness of the Region. There are no more poisoned snakes on Sakhalin, and even vipers hurry to hide should they hear people walking
  • After the Devil’s bridge in approximately a kilometer away there is another enormous railway construction – Witch’s bridge. Its sleepers are almost completely burnt and rails are taken away. It is not recommended to cross it. But it is worth seeing it.
  • Most fearless travelers cross the Devil’s bridge and even take some memorable photos.

The price includes:

  • Transport
  • Guide


Please, clarify the price with company’s representative before booking.