12 hours
Difficulty level:
What to take with you:
Camera, comfortable clothes and hiking boots for climbing, windproof suit, water supply for a day
excursion map

Zhdanko ridge is a truly wonderful and enchanting place. Just imagine: you are walking along a narrow road (no bigger than 1 meter in width) on the mountain peak, on one side you enjoy an amazing view of Sakhalin nature with its meadows and fields and on the other – majestic Okhotsk sea.

Tourists describe this like walking on the edge of the earth.

At the very top of the ridge, tourists become the witnesses of a truly beautiful natural phenomenon – cloud inversion. If there is no wind, the clouds curl and remain at the peak. This a spectacular view, worth the peak being conquered.

Zhdanko ridge – natural monument made with lava streams

Scientists believe that the ridge is made of solidified lava. It was named after Russian general and hydrographer-scientist Mikhail Efimovich Zhdanko.

The ridge is kind of a platform, 13 km-long and 1.5-2 km-wide. The highest point is 682 meters. All peaks are sharp and clearly depicted, it looks very scenic, especially against the evening sky and setting sun.

Once the pine forest used to be here, but it was completely destroyed by fire. Now the mountain range is covered with lichen and rare plants and herbs, that grow only in few places in Sakhalin region.

People here admire edelweisses, pasqueflowers and peonies, collect Melandrium and alpine forget-me-nots. When comes the suitable season, tourists collect cowberry and crowberry. Berries help with insomnia and fortify the immune system.

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