12 hours
Difficulty level:
All-terrain bus
Snack (sandwiches, pirozhki, fruits, water) for additional fee.
What to take with you:
Comfortable clothes, and hiking boots for climbing, windproof suit, camera
excursion map

Excursion to Kuznetsov Cape is a wonderful adventure

Watch seals and rare sea lions, who have a constant rookery here. 

Kuznetsov Cape is the Monument of Nature. It was named after captain Kuznetsov D.I., who was in charge of the military force, that protected Russian borders at the Far East in 1857. The Cape is located at the South-West coast of Krilion island, a plateau-like surface with cliffed shore.

Peculiarities of the tour:

  • The tour is a several-day one. Method of transportation is either all-terrain bus or SUV.
  • Not far from Kuznetsov Cape there is a big fishing village. Some tourists visit it. Ostriches and bear live in open-air cages. Gooses, turkeys, goats and sheep are grazing nearby.
  • Yakut horse, that were brought here, also live here. There are over 200 horses in the herd. Nearby the Cape at the seaside the water is warm for travelers to swim in, when the weather is good.
  • You can often meet fishermen here; this place is ideal for fishing. Many kinds of fish, including rare species, are met here.
  • Not far from the Cape, there is another point of interest – Vindis Cape, which is named by locals Kovrizhka (“Gingerbread” in Russian), because of the shape of the mountain, where the Cape is located. The 78-meters high and about 100-meter in diameter cliff is connected with the coastline with narrow isthmus. The flat part of the mountain is famous amongst archeologists for many artefacts found here, which are the proof that ancient people used to inhabit it. There is a theory, that in ancient times this mountain was a fortress.


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