4 hours
Difficulty level:
What to take with you:
Comfortable clothes and boots for hiking, windproof suit, camera
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Visit the Temple of Wisdom of ancient Ainu, touch the magnificent cliffs and “cool down” your impressions of the day under the water cascade. Collect the healing water from mountain river, touch Lyagushka butte and wait for a miracle which is surely to happen.

This place has its own unique magic. The huge 8-meter high rock resembles a sitting thoughtful frog, which unconsciously demands respect. The frog is wise and has a great experience. She is now over 70 million years old.

Mysteries of the universe

The legend says that the place, where Vestochka settlement and Lyagushka butte are located now, used to be a Temple of Wisdom of ancient Ainu. They came here to communicate with spirits and stay alone with the nature. This place, even nowadays, attracts magicians and ufologists. Mysterious and unexplainable events, that tempt the minds of scientists and psychics, occur here.

This likely happens because the cliffs (one of which is Lyagushka) stand just like the planets of Solar system. There is some king of magic in it, and you can feel and touch it and probable find something important to yourself. You can visit “Jupiter” or “Pluto” – it is easier than it seems!

Lyagushka butte and Ayhor waterfall: the wonderful peculiarities and the magic of these places

Before reaching Lyagushka butte, the tourists find themselves at Solar meadow. The uniqueness of this meadow is its color changing: during the day it changes into different shades of green. The flowers do not grow here, and it seems like somebody used a grass cutter on it – it looks very well-groomed.

The Lunar meadow is another unusual place. The Stone of wishes is located here. Tourists come here from all over the world to lure some luck into their lives.

Also tourists meet an amazing mountain river on their way. As named by local settlers – Komissarovka – this river has a fresh water to satisfy the thirst and clean your face. It is believed, that the water in this river has a healing effect, and some tourists fill the bottles with it and take home with them.

The travelers beat the path from Lyagushka butte to Ayhor waterfall. You can get there through special passages with hanging bridges. The 200-meter long water cascade has a spectacular view. Beginning from a 8-meter high waterfall, it combines with other smaller waterfalls and turns into festive sparkling assembly.

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